Performance Management

It is the management's prerogative to know how efficiently the Company is performing its operations. A few areas where continuous monitoring and review is required are:
  • Capacity Utilization
  • Productivity/ Efficiency
  • Utilities /Energy Efficiency
  • Key-Costs & Contribution
  • Product / service profitability
  • Market / Customer profitability
  • Working capital & Inventory Management
  • Manpower
We can provide Performance Appraisal Report to the Management in respect of their Company in the above areas and any other area the management is willing to focus.
Budgets & Budgetary Control
In the highly competitive environment it is very much essential to control costs in order to maintain profitability.

We provide value added services in introducing Budgetary Control System for effective control of costs and improving profitability.
We provide advisory services in implementation of Standard Costing system, Machine Hour Rate Calculations etc., for better control.
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